Welcome Fans

I know there has been a lot of talk about Willa not being outgoing and friendly with her fans; this is not true. She's just one who values her privacy.She does respond to tweets on Twitter on occasion and is always very nice when she does. She's also into music/acting for the love of music/acting itself, not for the money or fame. She's a real musician/actress, and is passionate about it, and that's one reason I look up to her. She's real and not fake like a lot of these musicians and actors out there now.Willa also does interior design as well now,her work is amazing!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Willa's Wares

So Willa is being featured in the fashion blog Some "Wear" To Be!

 Be sure to check out our little fashionista here: http://someweartobe.blogspot.com/2012/04/willas-wares.html . Could Willa be heading the way of J. Lo, Gwen Stefani, or Jessica Simpson? 


  1. thought that was awesome, IMO,Willa has always had a good sense of fashion. seems she starting to get recognition again and its about time!

  2. I agree, Magic City looks to be a success and she's been getting a lot of good buzz. Let's keep the attention going! Perhaps we should start requesting her on our radio's again?

  3. sounds like a plan, like i said i played the WWH album at the bowling alley and everybody ws like who is that and i say Willa Ford and they are like who? so i explained and they are like oh yeah the I wanna be bad girl then i said yes but she hs done so much more beyond singing. she has awesome acting skills,does charity work and has a new band with a possible new album coming out with a whole new sound. and she actually really nice on twitter each time she responds to a tweet. and i of course mentioned magic city too =]