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I know there has been a lot of talk about Willa not being outgoing and friendly with her fans; this is not true. She's just one who values her privacy.She does respond to tweets on Twitter on occasion and is always very nice when she does. She's also into music/acting for the love of music/acting itself, not for the money or fame. She's a real musician/actress, and is passionate about it, and that's one reason I look up to her. She's real and not fake like a lot of these musicians and actors out there now.Willa also does interior design as well now,her work is amazing!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Today Is The Day!!

If some of you guys didn't get a chance to watch the first 3 episodes of Magic City online free(see posts below for link) it premiers tonight at 10 pm Eastern time on the Starz network! Willa is in the first episode but only for one scene which is um interesting to say the least.. lol just watch i cant describe it! any way she will also be in episodes 5,6 and 8! so be sure to check it out! it is great to see her back on the acting scene!!!! we are proud of you Willa! =]

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  1. I didn't know if I should make a separate post for this or not, but if you have DirectTv, but DON'T have Starz, it appears you can still view Magic City on the AUDience Network (Channel 239). I caught it around midnight, but it is possible that it plays the program well before hand.